Italian Cravings In Delhi: Trailing The Best Italian Restaurants


If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Delhi for delving in an authentic Italian experience, look no further. Since a couple of years, the Italian fare in the city has moved from the mainstream pizza-and-pasta assortment, to a scope of innovative dishes consistent with their Italian roots. With the freshest ingredients, in-house pastry kitchens …

Some Fun Recipes Which Your Kids Will Love


Are you losing your sleep thinking about your kid’s meal? Kids generally love everything attractive, colorful and tasty. Whatever you are serving them, needs to be appealing. Here are some fun dishes that your kids will surely love. Salad Jar:  This one is a very easy recipe and you can involve your kids in preparing this salad. Make …

Paneer- The Best Source Of Protein For All The Vegans


For all the vegetarians the only dish which comes as a savior is Cottage cheese, commonly known as Paneer. One of the most consumed milk product, Paneer can be found easily in any household. The best part about paneer is it can be cooked in quite a plenty of styles and the cooking time needed …

Must Try Foods In Kuala Lumpur


Just ask anyone that has been to Malaysia and they’ll tell you that food plays a major role in shaping the Malaysian culture as it is genuinely an ice-breaking element for all citizens regardless of race or religion. Besides, when you enjoy a scrumptious meal alongside your close friends or family, it is always more …

5 Amazing Reasons You Should Start Drinking Energy Drinks5 Amazing Reasons You Should Start Drinking Energy Drinks


Energy drinks are quite useful when an individual is training hard and need an extra boost. Nowadays, people from nearly all age groups can consume them and these drinks are continuing to grow in popularity over time. Many athletes like and even endorse sport energy drinks because these prevent dehydration and provide energy.  The energy …

How To Make Soya Chaap?


Soya is being considered to be one of the richest sources of protein, but it is very surprising to know that soya is not being used very frequently in Indian style of cooking. If we talk about Chinese cuisine, then soya can be termed to be core ingredient in their style of cooking. In china …

How to Keep Your Drinks and Snacks Cold in the Hot Summer?


The popularity for coolers has increased tremendously in the recent days. However, there are still few people who don’t have any idea about these cooler bags. The first cooler was invented in the year 1951 in Illinois by Richard Laramy. You can find these coolers in different materials like Vinyl Aluminum Hard Plastic Stainless Steel …

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