Everything You Need To Know About Black Coffee

For most people, it is difficult to begin a day without having a cup of coffee. Some of the people love consuming coffee, while others don’t. For coffee lovers, a fresh day is almost incomplete without coffee. When it comes to coffee, you can have few varieties. Black coffee is one of the few delicious coffee recipes, which would get you numerous health benefits. Most people start a day with usual coffee as the high percentage of caffeine content in the coffee makes you feel fresh. More caffeine means you are more likely to feel fresh and content. Though the coffee makes you fresh, it will have some negative impact on our health. Surprisingly, the effects of black coffee are greatly appreciated by bodybuilders and athletes

Benefits of the Black Coffee

Black coffee is scientifically proven to be reducing weight loss as well as liver disease. Black coffee is the rich source of vitamin B2, B5, B3, magnesium, potassium, Manganese and much more. In short, you can state that it is a powerhouse of antioxidants. If you really want to intake all of these benefits, simply do Google on how to make a black coffee. There are many varieties of choices to choose from.

  • Weight loss

Black coffee is one of the most powerful remedies for effective weight loss. If you work out for the whole day but end up disappointed, then it signifies that black coffee can help you a lot. It is scientifically proven that black coffee decreases your weight by burning the unsaturated fat as well as the bad cholesterol. When you consume coffee, the high percentage of caffeine will travel to your stomach, then to the digestive system, and finally to the brain. As a result, the blocked substance in the brain will be unblocked, which in turn improve your energy, happiness, and mood. So now you can get the idea of how coffee makes you fresh forever. Besides freshness, it will eventually change your mood swing and ensures a stress- free life.

  • Beneficial for Liver

It is no wonder that recipe of black coffee is much more effective for improving your liver health. Coffee can be widely used as a wonderful remedy for liver disease. The liver performs multiple functions; hence it is a prominent part of the body. It has been shown to reduce the risk of liver cancer to great extent. Black coffee is not just a fluid to rejuvenate your taste buds but also helps to reduce the chances of the fatty liver disease and hepatitis. If you drink 3 cups of black coffee, chances are much higher that you stay away from liver disease.

Black coffee is the rich source of caffeine and so consuming the large dose of coffee can cause the serious health risk. Keep in mind that the safe level of the caffeine should be 200 milligrams a day, which means 2 to 3 cups of coffee. If you drink more coffee, then chances are much higher that you might develop some health issues.


8 Tips To Finding A Good Restaurant While Traveling

Important suppers can make a trek, yet placing a decent restaurant in a new place might be unreliable – particularly when hunger has set in. To discover the best tastes in another town, take after these tips to know whom to ask and where to look. Bon appétit!

Arrange ahead and book a culinary strolling visit:

Consider booking a culinary strolling visit, getting to be more well known in urban areas around the world, for an early piece of the outing. This is an extraordinary approach to example numerous dishes, get a lay of the area and after that choose what places you’d need to return to or what sort of provincial nourishments you’d need to have once more.

Even better, you’ll get to know your aide along the way, and you’ll have the capacity to pick his or her cerebrum for much more customized suggestions. A well known stop in the Bay Area is guided trips to Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto, the place where I grew up of Chicago has a few pizza visits (pace yourselves!), and in Europe sorted out excursions range from testing the snails of France to fish and olives in Greece.

For individuals going in nations in which they don’t talk or read the dialect, this could be a decent prologue to menus – in addition to fitting mealtime behavior in that region.

Read neighborhood distributions and posts from nearby nourishment bloggers:

Add some fun exploration to your outing arranging by perusing up before you go. A fortune trove of posts from neighborhood nourishment bloggers and news hounds is a snappy Google seek away, and the journalists’ bread and margarine is discovering the problem areas and spilling privileged insights on the shrouded jewels.

It’s not difficult to spare all the locations to a Google Map or print one out and highlight the crossing points worth going by. Some provincial magazines or daily papers even have yearly feasting records that take a great deal of the mystery out of a visit.

Ask true individuals:

Getting suggestions from the lodging concierge might be a better than average fallback plan, however a percentage of the best restaurant picks we’ve gotten are from other individuals we’ve meet along the route in our ventures. Taxi drivers might be an abundance of learning of throughout the night consumes, and representatives at well known traveler spots could have a scoop on what’s great adjacent for lunch (without the long lines or the high expenses).

Furthermore asking individuals you meet could be a decent icebreaker for much more tips and proposals for your visit. Before you go, you can post on Facebook and Twitter to check whether anybody in your loop has must-visit spots to impart too.

Download crucial applications:

Before you get on the plane or jump in the auto, verify you’ve downloaded the Travelzoo application for supper and beverage bargains on the go at our most loved spots.

Also, use client produced substance applications like Yelp and Tripadvisor to burrow deeper for particular data: when’s the best time to get a table? What’s the one hors d’oeuvre everybody raves about? Do they take reservations (for later in the outing)? Foursquare is an alternate application worth downloading, with tips from the individuals who incessant these spots most.

Pursuit out territorial choices:

Deal Expert Sara Kriegel, situated in London, searches out restaurants that exclusively serve local food in her voyages. Her thinking: its critical to attempt the nourishment of the region, not simply things she could get at home in England. Likewise, adhering to the essentials and picking a spot utilizing the sustenances indigenous to the zone is a safe wager.

In case you’re in Shanghai and there’s one pizza place that is occupied on a square loaded with customary restaurants, it could just be well known on the grounds that its a curiosity.

Abstain from consuming close to the greatest vacation destinations around the local area:

Restaurants close to the greatest vacation spots may depend more on area than on great, fascinating cooking. Bargain Expert Kelsey Rexroat gives this exhortation, “Typically puts in neighborhoods are a superior wager than the primary traveler drags. On the off chance that they’re pestering you to come inside or have flyers all over, its possible excessively touristy to be great.”

Search for lines of local people:

If individuals are eager to hold up to feast at a certain eatery, that says a ton. We’re not pushing squandering valuable excursion time holding up long times to be situated for each feast, however once you discover a recognize that looks hot, do your exploration to discover a superior time to return, or shockingly better, check whether they take a reservation.

Got kids in tow? Take this tip from Deal Expert Angela Shannon:

“I stroll in and approach in the event that they have a table for us, and in the event that its accessible now. In the event that the host looks annoyed or unsure or put off by my children, obviously its not a spot for us; or on the off chance that it looks excessively stuffy or loaded with just couples or grown-ups, I know it would demolish the night for alternate visitors and I go somewhere else.

Dead giveaway to me is gazing for strollers out front. Plainly we’ll be welcome at a restaurant like that.


How to move your baking skill with professional tricks?

Baking is the lively art. The art makes various dishes and pastries to taste yummy. In this contemporary world, people are looking out for the wonderful taste with a treat to their eyes. Baking art needs to get around with many new innovative ideas and skills. It all should hold most of the worthy discussion around all baking. With this online world, people used to keep learning with their online guide and most of the recipes seen over there. But those recipes are not worthy to taste when you miss any little ingredient. Well, online baking tutorial will not give deep information on all the methods. It just gives the scenario of baking where we may have to work on finding all the skillful facts.

Baking might not be worthy to invest when you do not have expert guide. Experts are the people who give great tips and tricks about all the baking facts. The nook and corner of baking is known to those experts. These professionals may not be available to teach you with each and every tip and trick that they have. To learn baking without any flaws, people are recommended to get admitted in the corporate baking class Singapore. This class is worthy to make your time investment. The values of corporate classes are taking a turn towards each phase of baking. Baking in the normal routine is not getting within each existence. But when you decide to invest your money and worthy time in this kind of baking classes, it is a great time to move ahead.

The classes do not just stop by teaching the baking tips and tricks. They also provide team building activities along with baking routine in their school. Their cooking classes are taking a turn in each people life. The elevation in baking skills is seen with the people work. Baking might seem to be simple but it has mountain of details to grasp. Grasping that info without proper guidance may not end up well. So, it is always recommended to have proper training with the professional hands.

The culinary school is acting upon various fields. They also look out for the worthy turn around in each baking action. The school also conducts various workshops for both layman and experts. Layman can be able to understand what are the facts included within baking and experts can grasp the innovations and updated techniques used with baking. When a work is processed with the professional hand, it is always great to move along each of the step without any barrier. This is time to make a wise decision. So, keep going with what you need to choose and get around for the passion.


Best Seafood Options For A Wedding

As if you don’t have enough on your plate already when planning a wedding, from the wedding and reception venues to the bride’s and groom’s suit and your wedding party’s outfit, you have to make sure that your guests will be also be satisfied. You have to ensure that your guests enjoy the food as much as they love the festivities on your wedding day.

If you are looking for something unique aside from the usual pork, beef and chicken entree, you can add some seafood options in your menu. Here are some seafood options you can add from cocktail hour to the main course of your wedding reception.

  • Cocktail Hour

Some may say that the cocktail hour is the best part of the reception. The cocktail hour is the prelude to a great wedding reception. It sets the tone for the reception. Your guests can mingle with other guests, which can make for great reception photos. Here are some appetizers you can serve during cocktail hour.

Fresh Oysters on Ice / Oyster Bar

Oysters are a favorite. Ask your caterer to set up an Oyster Bar with shucked oysters and lemon slices, with bowls of mignonette sauce. Make sure to hire a caterer who has experience in preparing fresh oysters properly.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Bacon Wrapped Scallops are definitely a crowd favorite. It has bacon and scallops, which appeal to both pork and seafood lovers alike.

Sushi Spread

Leave a great impression with your guests with an amazing sushi spread. Like with the oysters, be sure to hire a caterer who is experienced with making sushi. You can never be too careful in serving raw food to your guests.

  • Main Entree

After the cocktail hour where drinks, tasty appetizers and friendly chitchats are served, comes the “main event” of the wedding reception. The main menu of the reception should be able to leave your guests satisfied and but also wanting more. Here are some delicious seafood recipes you can ask your caterer to add to your main menu.

Fresh Seafood Paella

What makes Paella perfect is that it goes well with wine, which will surely abound in your reception. Paella is not only deliciously filling, but it is also visually appealing. You can have a station where a chef cooks the paella to ensure that your guests get only a hot and delicious serving every time.

Lobster Buffet

Not all your guests may be able to eat lobster (or seafood, for that matter) all the time, so give them the gift of luxury with a lobster buffet. Your guests will be left with a satisfied palate and tummy.

Find the best wedding caterer in your area

When it comes to menu preparation, variety is key to be able to cater to all (or almost all) of your guests’ tastes. Add some seafood options so that your menu won’t be dull and boring. You may also have some guests who are not so keen on pork; seafood is a good alternative, in addition to the usual chicken and beef. The food you serve will be one of the things your guests will always remember about your wedding day. Hire a reputable wedding caterer who will make sure that the food you serve on your big day are delicious and will leave your guests wanting more.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.

Drinks Health

Red TeaHealth Benefits and More

Many people are knowledgeable about the health great things about tea, due to its antioxidant properties. Red tea, however, may well not be as greatly heard of or used. This red tea, also called “rooibos,” has a bunch of benefits, including disease fighting capability health and aiding with common pains and aches. Stomach cramps, head pain, allergies, asthma, insomnia, eczema and high blood pressure are a few of the disorders that could be helped with red tea. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, flavonoid-rich foods including fruits, fruit and vegetables, burgandy or merlot wine, chocolate and tea have cardiovascular benefits.

Many people are knowledgeable about the health benefits of tea, because of its antioxidant properties. Red tea, however, may well not be as widely heard about or used. This red tea, also called “rooibos,” has a host of benefits, including immune system health insurance and aiding with common pains and aches. Stomach cramps, head pain, allergies, asthma, insomnia, eczema and high blood circulation pressure are a few of the health problems that might be helped with red tea. Furthermore, in line with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, flavonoid-rich foods including fruits, vegetables, burgandy or merlot wine, chocolate and tea have cardiovascular benefits.

Red tea is wonderful for the skin and can help improve the appearance. The occurrence of zinc, long touted for the treating acne and related skin conditions, makes red tea a smart element for skincare. Red tea powder can even be applied right to your skin to sooth skin irritations.

Most individuals are conscious of the body’s dependence on calcium and the value of strong bones for both growing children and aging parents. While dairy and milk products are wealthy sources of calcium, red tea can also be included as a way to obtain calcium. Those who find themselves lactose intolerant — have a problem digesting dairy products — could find red tea a refreshing alternate that is both easy to process and best for the stomach.

Caffeine free – The rooibos grow grows naturally without the caffeine. This is important, as it means it generally does not need to undergo a substance process to remove the caffeine. It also means that anyone can drink it, including those who do not need to drink level of caffeine such as children & women that are pregnant.

Contains powerful antioxidants – Rooibos tea contains an enormous array of antioxidants, which help to protect the body in several ways. Two polyphenol antioxidants called aspalathin and nothofagin are located in high concentrations in rooibos tea. These antioxidants protect your body by fighting free radicals. These are unstable skin cells, which attack healthy skin cells to be able to stabilise themselves. The polyphenols likewise have anti-inflammatory properties and can safeguard against cardiovascular disease.

Prevents against some malignancies – Some studies have demonstrated a connection between ingestion of rooibos tea and a reduction of cancer-causing chemicals. That is due to higher level of dominant antioxidants, a few of which have anti-mutagenic properties. Which means that they defend skin cells & DNA against destruction and inhibit them from developing into cancer.

High mineral content – Among the key health great things about rooibos tea is that it includes several minerals that are vital to health. These include: magnesium – needed for the stressed system, calcium & manganese – needed for strong pearly whites and bones, zinc – very important to metabolism and iron – crucial for helping bloodstream & muscles spread oxygen.

Improves circulation – Among the many potent antioxidants in rooibos tea is named Chysoeriol. It could improve flow by preventing the activity of the enzyme that creates cardiovascular disease. Drinking rooibos tea also decreases blood pressure and cholesterol.
Relieves abdominal complaints – As rooibos tea contains high levels of flavonoids, especially one called quercetin, it has the capacity to relieve numerous stomach health problems such as cramps, diahorrea and indigestion. This is because the flavonoids help reduce spasm, inflammation and allergies. It has additionally been widely explained that medical benefits associated with rooibos tea lengthen to alleviating colic in babies. As it is completely caffeine free, it is perfectly safe to allow them to drink rooibos tea.
Aids absorption of flat iron – Unlike most dark teas, which prevent the body from absorbing flat iron effectively as a result of tannins they contain, rooibos tea aids the body in absorbing iron. It is because rooibos tea has not even half the tannins of dark-colored tea.

Can relieve pores and skin conditions – A more recent discovery of the great things about rooibos tea is that it can benefit you to definitely look more beautiful! Rooibos tea is made up of phenyl pyretic acid, which can help improve acne, psoriasis and eczema. You can apply a newly brewed and cooled tea tote to the affected areas and it’ll soothe and heal any inflammation. Visit:

Can drive back Parkinsons/Alzheimers disease – taking in rooibos tea regularly can drive back a process known as lipid peridoxation. That’s where free radicals harm brain skin cells and nerve tissue. If this is extended, it may lead eventually to progressive and deteriorating brain disease, such as Alzheimers. Laboratory checks on rats confirmed little difference in brain function from several aged rats given rooibos tea to the brains of newborn rats.

Encourages restful sleep – One of the many health benefits of rooibos tea is that it could be drunk normally as you want and anytime of day. Many people choose to drink it before bedtime as it can assist with insomnia. Because of its high mineral content and insufficient caffeine, it can help visitors to feel relaxed and relaxed.


Pasta – some interesting things

Today there are endless numbers of food products in the market. Some may consume more time for cooking and some can be cooked within short span of time. To reveal the fact, the foods which are quite easy to make are supposed to have great attention among the people. This is because the people today are not interested in spending more time for getting ready with their food. On the other side they are also in need of healthy food which can add value to their diet. While considering both these factors, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the pasta.

Tasty food ever

Since many people are not aware of the health benefits of pasta, they tend to consume it for their taste. Many interesting recipes can be made from pasta with varying ingredients. One can prefer to make these recipes according to their taste. One must also remember that the recipes should be made based on the type of pasta which they are used for cooking. This is because the pastas are available with many different ingredients like whole grains and many. Hence one should be aware of these factors for coming up with the tasty recipes.

Nutritional food

Pasta is not only appreciated for the taste, but this is also the healthy food which can favor the current lifestyle. It has all the essential nutritional values which can favor health in several ways. The people who want to stick to their weight loss diet can also take pasta as this means a lot for weight loss. Thus, the people who in need to lose their weight need not get compromised over the taste of the food. They can make many interesting recipes from pasta and can consume it without bothering about the calories. It is to be noted that weight loss is not the only reason which can be stated for taking pasta but this can also has influence over other health benefits like cardiac health, blood pressure maintenance and many.

Good source of energy

All the foods are not the good source of energy. But this is not the case with pasta. Clinical studies have proven that taking pasta can provide sufficient energy needed for the body. People who tend to take pasta for their breakfast can remain energetic for a long time. They will not feel tired or hungry for a long time. Thus, they can focus on their work better. In order to get good source of energy, the best pastas are to be used for cooking. The pastas like rigatoni pasta are considered to be the right choice for the people who are highly concerned over the quality of food.


Italian Cravings In Delhi: Trailing The Best Italian Restaurants

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Delhi for delving in an authentic Italian experience, look no further. Since a couple of years, the Italian fare in the city has moved from the mainstream pizza-and-pasta assortment, to a scope of innovative dishes consistent with their Italian roots. With the freshest ingredients, in-house pastry kitchens and constantly evolving menus, these restaurants have secured a permanent space on Delhi’s culinary guide and keep on evolving with every passing year. If you swear by this cuisine, then leave everything you’re doing and read ahead!

We know the pain of returning back home from a land as ethereal as Goa, and how much it hurts to zero in on one of those sad looking Goa to Delhi Flights, but buddy, we have one alternative for you which will excite you totally to get back to Delhi and pamper your taste buds yet again. We are talking about the delectable Italian cuisine, of which Delhi has some amazing restaurants for Italian food lovers like you. Are you excited now? Read ahead–

1. Big Chill

A considerable number of patrons visit Big Chill for their daily dosage of sweet, for it offers probably the most flavorful cheesecakes, cupcakes, chocolate mousse, Mississippi mud pie and significantly more. For the ones searching for other flavours, there is some expertly-made pasta, piri-piri chicken, heated penne primavera, fish in red wine sauce and some more. Add to it the culinary specialist’s extraordinary scope of desserts for that immaculate consummation note and you’ll have a lifetime’s experience.

2. Tonino

Tonino is a heavenly spot to taste the bona fide wood fire pizza in Delhi-NCR. The eatery has outside seating arrangements with open kitchen. The feeling is radiant as they have set the table and seats amongst trees and plants. The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine and costs Rs. 2,000 for two individuals.

3. Olive Bar & Kitchen

The tranquil interiors of Olive Bar and Kitchen welcome you for a comfortable supper. Totally inundated with white—from the unevenly done walls to the streaming curtains—Olive matches its excellent stylistic layout with a pro menu by chef Sabyasachi Gorai. This sprawling eatery very well might make you feel as if you’re in Santorini, or on the Italian Riviera. It has a wood-fired pizza oven that is utilized for preparing the bread that is served at your table, hot from the oven.

4. Artusi Ristorante Bar

Situated in GK-II, the Artusi is the ideal spot for a romantic Italian supper. The eatery serves authentic Italian cuisine and has an incredible wine list. The ambience is sentimental, candlelit with soul soothing music supplementing the feel. The staff is exceptionally respectful and they ensure you have an awesome eating experience. The food here is superb, totally flawless, but costly.

5. DIVA – The Italian Restaurant

While eateries in the city are still battling to ace the specialty of a decent pizza, Diva’s hit your taste buds exactly at the right spots, with respect to genuine pizza-eaters. Also, exactly when you thought it couldn’t show signs of any more improvement, they brought home a wood fired Pizza oven, and tantalized our taste buds a bit more. Beside pizzas, their mark menu incorporates a host of Italian staples, from pastas and risotto, to ravioli and grills.

So when are you coming back? Oh! You’re here already? Pizzas and pasta are such magnets, we tell you!


Some Fun Recipes Which Your Kids Will Love

Are you losing your sleep thinking about your kid’s meal? Kids generally love everything attractive, colorful and tasty. Whatever you are serving them, needs to be appealing. Here are some fun dishes that your kids will surely love.

Salad Jar:  This one is a very easy recipe and you can involve your kids in preparing this salad. Make sure you include different vegetables in the salad, so that it includes various nutrients for your kids.

  • Ingredients : Avocados, strawberries, carrots, corn, peas, butter lettuce, ham( optional), chickpeas, strawberry dressing and a mason jar.
  • Method: You can cut the avocados and ham with the help of scissors. You can also use the butter knife for cutting the avocados. You can use a large platter for layering the ingredients. At first, insert the strawberry dressing and then start layering the vegetables (nicely chopped) one after the other. Make sure that the salad looks colorful and attractive. When not consuming, make sure that the jar is covered with the lid.

Vanilla Sugar Cookies With Sprinkles:  This recipe is based on a local American-Italian bakery.

  • Ingredients : Confectioners’ sugar ( ½ cup), all-purpose flour ( 2 cups) , rainbow sprinkles ( 1 cup), 1 egg, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 cup rainbow sprinkles, ¾ cup unsalted butter ( at room temperature), Canola oil (1/4 cup) and ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • Method: Take a medium-sized bowl and combine the baking soda, flour, and other dry ingredients. Then, add the vanilla and the egg and beat them properly. The dough should be soft textured in nature. You can wrap the dough in plastic and keep it in the refrigerator for minimum 1 hour. The oven must be pre-heated in 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a scoop of 2 ounces for making the cookies into shapes of balls. Bake them until they turn golden. After cooling, you can keep them in air-tight containers. They will remain fresh for 3 days.

Home Made Burgers: Burgers with proper nutritional values can be healthy as well as tasty for kids.

  • Ingredients : 12 cream cracker biscuit , plain flour ( 2 tablespoon) , 1 red onion ( finely chopped), 1 egg, your preferred toppings, brown sauce and tomato ketchup ( 1 teaspoon each ), 6 rolls of hamburger, garlic paste ( 2 teaspoon) , chili paste( 2 teaspoon ) , olive oil ( 1 tablespoon). You will also require 2 tbsp of olive oil, 1 teaspoon paprika and 4 sweet potatoes for the wedges.
  • Method: You must heat the oil in the pan and fry the onion for 5 minutes until it becomes soft. After cooling them, you can combine it with the egg, garlic, ketchup and brown sauce in a large mixing bowl. The mince can be divided into 6 parts and rolled into balls. The balls can then be flattened for a proper flat burger. Coat the burger with flour on each side and then place them on the baking tray. Then, keep it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. For making the wedges, you can fry the sweet potato with olive oil. Make sure that the burger is well coated. Next, roast it for 30 to 35 minutes according to the level of crispiness you want. Serve the burgers with the rolls after providing your favorite toppings.

All the recipes are easy for preparing and can easily attract your kids. So, you do not need to worry about their evening snacks anymore. As long as the food is tasty and colorful, your kids will love them. Make sure that you are adding nutritious ingredients to the dishes.

Author Bio:  Charlie Brown is a chef who works at this article, he is sharing some fun recipes for your kid’s diet.


Paneer- The Best Source Of Protein For All The Vegans

For all the vegetarians the only dish which comes as a savior is Cottage cheese, commonly known as Paneer. One of the most consumed milk product, Paneer can be found easily in any household. The best part about paneer is it can be cooked in quite a plenty of styles and the cooking time needed is very less as compared to other vegetarian dishes. Paneer is not specific to any particular cuisine, one can find panner used in a lot of different cuisines, be it Mughlai, Italian, Mexican or even Chinese. When you have some guests and can’t find something good and easy to cook, then no other option can be better than making a dishes using Paneer. As it is made from milk, hence it has a lot of health benefits, not just cooked it can be consumed raw seasoned with some salt and pepper, this can be an amazing evening snack.

Here are some health benefits of Paneer if consumed on daily basis:

  1. The best source of Protein for all the vegetarians: Although meat is the best source of protein but for those who are vegetarian, they can replace their meat with Paneer, which has almost equal amount of protein content.
  2. Keeps away the hunger: Being rich in protein, paneer releases energy slowly hence it keeps the stomach full for a longer time, hence keeps away the hunger.
  3. Helps burn body fat: Paneer is rich in Protein and calcium along with these two it is one of the well-known source of linoleic acid which helps in losing weight by burning extra fat in the body.
  4. Prevents bone and teeth diseases: Helps in preventing major health problems like joint pain, tooth decay, gum problems etc.
  5. Prevent tooth from cavities: Being a good source of Vitamin D along with the availability of Calcium, consuming paneer makes the tooth enamel strong and helps in maintaining good oral health.
  6. Regulates metabolism: Due to the presence of dietary fibres, it helps in regulating a good digestive system hence results in improved metabolism.
  7. Reduces the risk of heart problems: Helps in maintaining lipid profile in the body hence helps in lowering blood pressure and risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  8. Strengthens Immune system of kids: For kids, it is very important to have a good immune system so that they don’t catch a cold, cough and some common health problem, hence adding paneer in the regular diet of kids can help maintain the immune system.
  9. Prevents kids from malnutrition: Malnutrition is one of the common health problems today, hence including Paneer in the regular diet can prevent kids from malnutrition as well as from other protein deficiency diseases.
  10. Good source of energy for pregnant women: For the pregnant women, it is highly recommended to include paneer in the regular diet, as it is one of the best sources of protein and calcium hence this helps in maintaining good health.

There are plenty of dishes that can be cooked using Paneer like Shahi Paneer, Paneer tikka, Paneer Kebab, Paneer Burger and lot more. So impress your guests with your favourite paneer dish.


Must Try Foods In Kuala Lumpur

Just ask anyone that has been to Malaysia and they’ll tell you that food plays a major role in shaping the Malaysian culture as it is genuinely an ice-breaking element for all citizens regardless of race or religion. Besides, when you enjoy a scrumptious meal alongside your close friends or family, it is always more memorable and satisfying. While most families still practice the tradition of eating home cooked meals, however, in the current era, it is inevitable that eating out has become a common pursuit due to the country’s melting pot of delicious cuisines.

Every individual are passionate yet, opinionated about their choice and location of the best local dishes. Here we narrowed down to the top three authentic foods in Kuala Lumpur that are a must-try.

Nasi Lemak

The nasi lemak is frequently known as the national dish of Malaysia. The rice gives off a rich fragrance that is infused with coconut milk and pandan leaves. A basic nasi lemak comes packed in a small triangular-like brown packet, traditionally served with pounded prawn sambal, ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts and hard boiled egg. However, nowadays you can find nasi lemak served with additional lauk, like sambal sotong (cuttlefish)beef rendang and fried chicken.

Try the Village Park’s Nasi Lemak at Damansara Uptown. Be sure to be there early to avoid the long queue.

Village Park Nasi Lemak
5, Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
+60 12-273 8438

Asam Laksa

No bowl of asam laksa would disappoint. Not to be confused with curry laksa, the asam laksa has a tangy bite that leaves you wanting for more. Although for some, it could be a hit or miss. Those who enjoy feasting on asam laksa usually have a craving for sour and spicy flavours. The slurp-worthy elements of an asam laksa is a combination of rice noodles in rich textured soup, coupled with generous servings of shredded mackerel, assortment of herbs and prawn paste.

A hearty bowl of asam laksa can be found in most hawker stalls at a corner of your neighbourhood. Try the supreme asam laksa over at Kedai Kopi O&S at Paramount Garden.

Kedai Makanan O&S Restaurant
39, Jalan 20/14,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya,
46300, Malaysia
+60 3-7876 1488

Banana Leaf Rice

A great cuisine for rice lovers derived from South India, you would definitely not want to miss out on the Banana Leaf Rice. Rice is served on top of a banana leaf with curried vegetables and a side of crispy papadum. Then, take a pick of 3 types of curries (fish, chicken or dahl) to be poured on top of the rice. What we love about this is that the volume of rice and curry is really all up to your preference. The more, the better.

Additionally, you can select a variety of curried or fried meats or seafood for those with huge appetites. Personally, we like our banana leaf rice accompanied with mutton rendang or chicken masala to fulfil our meaty desires. Of course, enjoying the banana leaf rice is nothing compared to eating it with clean, bare hands. It makes the experience worthwhile, a little sloppy but definitely much tastier. Check out the famous Kanna Curry House at Seksyen 17.

Kanna Curry House
29, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
+60 3-7958 4814

The favourite foods in Kuala Lumpur are not only limited to local street delicacies but international fine dining cuisines. Fine-dining lovers who want to enjoy classed-up environment with authentic flavours can choose to visit the following restaurants.

Marble 8’s Dry-Aged Steaks

Good slabs of steaks can be a rare find in Malaysia, especially premium beef cuts with perfect marbling, such as the dry-aged steaks. At Marble 8 Steakhouse KL, they take a careful approach in serving the finest dry-aged steaks that are lean, succulent in texture and juicy in flavour. A highly recommended dish that is a must-try at Marble 8 would be the Wagyu Tenderloin On The Bone, priced at a hefty RM650 for 450g. We agree that it is worth every bite and you can definitely impress your date with this remarkable dish.

Marble 8
Lorong Kuda,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2386 6030

Marini’s on 57’s Italian Pastas

For those that crave some carbolicious pasta, Marini’s on 57 is definitely a must-try. It is an Italian restaurant which is located right next to the Twin Towers. Fine dining may be their expertise, but they also serve some of the most exquisite Italian haute cuisine dishes such as their signature pastas. Whet your appetite with these pasta dishes drowned in rich sauces: Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, the tomato based spaghetti which is a typical Bologna specialty, and the Penne All’arrabbiata served with fresh mushrooms and bacon mixed perfectly with a unique spicy sauce.

Marini’s on 57
Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas,
Persiaran KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2386 6030

Enak KL’s Malay Dishes

Who says fine dining is reserved only for Western cuisine? Enak Kuala Lumpur serves upscale Malay delicacies that brings you back to the past. The recipes and cooking methods were passed down from generations after generations, faithfully concocting authentic flavours of the classic Malay cuisine. Think about your favourite Malay dishes recreated with refinement, simplicity and pure fresh ingredients. Enak KL’s main specialties from their ambitious menu would be the Ikan Assam Pedas, Ayam Percik and Daging Kurma that goes along with a serving of fragrant white rice.

Enak Kuala Lumpur
LG2, Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery 181,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur,
+60 3-2141 8973

We hope all these recommendations whipped up your appetite but if you have other great suggestions on must try foods in Kuala Lumpur, let us know in the comments below.